What We Do

I work with business owners, including partners in professional services firms, who find it hard to win sufficient profitable work, with the right type of clients for them.

In addition I help clients to inject a systems mind-set into their business or professional practice. That helps to reduce friction, improve effectiveness and minimise the possibility of errors.

No two clients are alike, so there is no question of force-fitting a one-size-fits-all solution across the board.

However, in most cases, my initial engagement focuses on:

  • Identifying, as specifically as possible, the preferred clients of your firm and what drives them
  • Determining, as closely as practicable, the likely “fit” for you to work together, both commercially (where you add most value) and personally (the type of people with whom you prefer to work)
  • Building both an inbound and outbound marketing strategy that encourages preferred clients to self-select as prospects. (This usually involves developing content targeted towards your preferred clients and deploying it via your website and social media, as well as conventional networking and promotional skills)
  • Developing a process that filters those prospects so that you need to meet only those where the likelihood of success is greatest (thus saving time)
  • Minimising the need for you to make pitches or presentations: conversation is the “New PowerPoint®”.

The result is to minimise the feeling that you need to “sell” as such. You also typically increase significantly both

  • The efficiency of your business development work and
  • Your success rate in winning work, whilst reducing price as a factor in the client’s buying decision, so that the profitability of each assignment tends to increase.

Please Contact me to arrange an initial conversation, free of charge and without obligation, during which we can talk about your business and explore whether / how I may best be able to help you.