Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility policy of DLO Development Ltd. is simple:


We aim to give up to 5% of our working time to mentoring and coaching, pro-bono. We will work with individuals who work in, or are beneficiaries of, not-for-profit organisations, education and social enterprises and those who are leaving military service or have done so within the last six months. We will also work pro-bono with selected small, minority-owned, women-owned, service-disabled or veteran-owned businesses.

Equal Opportunities

DLO Development Ltd. operates an equal opportunities policy in selecting staff.

Where we use contractors, we seek where practicable to use small, minority-owned, women-owned, service-disabled or veteran-owned businesses.

Recycling and Minimising Waste

Where practicable we opt for products, which include a high level of recycled components. This includes items such as printer ink cartridges and other stationery.

We also seek to recycle or re-use used materials where practicable including paper, packaging, plastics, glass and metal items such as soft drink cans. Where practicable, we seek both to minimise food waste and to direct any that is unavoidable to composting.

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Energy Use

  • We opt for public transport where practicable or walk to client meetings.
  • If it is feasible we use video conferencing for contact with distant clients.
  • We aim to use low-energy electrical items.
  • When using private transport we aim to choose vehicles which have lower emissions and fuel consumption

Ethical sourcing

When practicable we opt for locally produced and Fair Trade products, those certified as being produced ethically or those that are certified as Sustainable.