White Papers

We offer a number of White Papers and “How to…” guides on topics that clients have found to be helpful.  these include:


  • A Meeting Planner.  This is probably one of the simplest but most valuable tools in the DLO Development toolkit.  It ensures that you can prepare easily and effectively for any meeting or phone call so that you can (a) send a pre-meeting email or letter to the client outlining exactly what you seek to achieve in the meeting and (b) offer one or two questions that the client can think about in advance so that you can get the meeting off to a great start and ensure that the other person does most of the talking.  This allows you to gather considerable amounts of information on which to base your proposals.
  • A note on Time Allocation.  Once an hour is used it cannot be reused or recycled.  Time is your only non-fungible asset.  It can be leveraged only by using the time of others (for which you will typically have to pay).  The approach outlined in this note helps to ensure that you get as many of the important (as opposed to simply urgent) tasks done as practicable, in a timely manner.  It also gives you permission to delegate, drop or defer tasks that are neither important nor urgent.  The result is to remove distractions.
  • A White Paper outlining Seven Reasons Why Meetings Fail – and how to avoid them.  This White Paper essentially “does what it says on the tin”.  Many meetings last too long and achieve little by way of concrete results.  The approaches outlined in this Paper help to avoid these issues so that meetings become far more effective and results oriented.  They also take far less time.
  • A note on Five Referral Errors – and how to avoid them.  Referrals are the life-blood of most businesses, regardless of size or industry.  However far too many business owners and leaders fail to ask for them at all or are not specific regarding the type of person to whom they wish to be referred.  The result is that the number and quality of referrals falls with consequent loss of business opportunities.
  • A White Paper on Key Strategy Issues and Questions.  Strategy development is usually rather easier than strategy implementation, not least because the latter almost always requires change within the organisation.  This Paper outlines some of the key considerations around strategy implementation and a list of questions to be considered before embarking on a change programme.

To request access to these white papers and Guides, please use the email Contact form with DLO Downloads  in the subject line.