Nobody Buys Coaching

Of course people buy coaching. Coaches of all kinds are hired routinely to work with individuals or groups and in organisations large and small. The point is that “getting coaching” was probably not the reason the coach was hired. Coaching was not the end in itself; more a means to […]

Focus – The One Thing You Should Be

Google has just announced the establishment of a holding company, Alphabet, which will act as an umbrella for businesses such as driverless cars that are not part of the core search and linked advertising effort. In so doing it has focussed its brand so that it “sacrifices the things you […]

Conversation and Collaboration

The following post appeared initially in the Blog at our sister site, Career In Transition,   It seems that collaboration between like-minded people who may not work for the same organisation and indeed may follow different if linked professions is a Good Idea. So says Alan Baxter, owner of […]